According to the Insurance Act 2079, the insurance nature of the business is not considered to be registered    

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Strategic Goals and Objectives

Insurance Access and Inclusion:
  • Promote Insurance uptake,
  • Enhance Alternative Insurance Alternative Channels.
Insurance Sector Development:
  • Raising Standards of regulations,
  • Encourage Merger & Acquisitions,
  • Promote Reinsurance Sector Development.
Insurance Sector Stability:
  • Moving towards Risk Based Supervision,
  • Moving towards Risk Based Capital,
  • Moving towards Solvency II Framework
Insurance Infrastructure:
  • Strengthen Legal for Claim Settlement,
  • Improve Consumer Complaint Handling Process.
  • Increase Boards’ Visibility,
  • Development of Policyholders Protection Fund (PPF),
  • Enhance Accountability and Transparency in Insurance Industry.
Capacity Development:
  • Human Capacity Development,
  • Physical Capacity Development,
  • Establishment of Branches in the Federal States,
  • Enhance in Information Technology,
  • Promote Insurance Education in the national curriculum,
  • Establishment of Insurance Academy.