According to the Insurance Act 2079, the insurance nature of the business is not considered to be registered    


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Surveyor / Agent Manuals

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Renewal of Insurance Surveyors and Insurance Agents

For the renewal of insurance surveyors and insurance agents, it has been arranged that the renewal fee can be paid round the clock through the payment service provider of Tapasil Wamojim.

Payment Details
Contact for online payment related issues
1. If there is a problem with the payment of the respective service provider

If there is any problem during data entry and payment to the service provider, please contact the central office of the insurance company you work for.

2. For technical issues:

Information can be obtained by contacting the Insurance Authority's Licensing Branch and Information Technology Branch Phone No.: 01-5428618, 5421079, 5428604 ext 220,209,117. And you can also send your problems to the committee's email through the relevant insurer.